pradhāna प्रधान

Definition: the principal thing as opposed to the subordinate one; something which has got an independent purpose of its own and is not meant for another; प्रधानमुपसर्जनमिति च संबन्धिशब्दावेतौ M.Bh. on P. I.2.43 V.5; cf. also प्रधानाप्रधानयोः प्रधाने कार्यसंप्रत्ययः Par. Sek. Pari. 97; (2) predominant of main importance; cf. पूर्वपदार्थप्रधानोव्ययीभावः etc. M. Bh. on II. 1.6, 20, 49 II.2.6 etc; (3) primary as opposed to secondary; cf. गौणे कर्मणि दुह्यादेः प्रधाने नीहृकृष्वहाम् । cf. also प्रधानकर्मण्याख्येये लादीनाहुर्द्विकर्मणाम् । अप्रधाने दुहादीनाम् M.Bh.on I.4.51

Dictionary: Abhyankar
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