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Grammatical Sūtra: अलुगुत्तरपदे aluguttarapade
Individual Word Components: aluk uttarapade
Sūtra with anuvṛtti words: aluk uttarapade
Type of Rule: adhikāra
Preceding adhikāra rule:6.2.143 (1antaḥ)


In the following upto 6.3.24 inclusive is always to be supplied the phrase "the elision does not take place before the second member of the compound". Source: Aṣṭādhyāyī 2.0

(In the section beginning here and extending up to 24 below) luK (0̸¹) replacement [of sUP triplets 2.4.71 introduced after 3.1.2 the first member of a compound] does not (á-luK) take place (before 1.1.66) the final member (uttara-pad-é). Source: From Aṣṭādhyāyī of Pāṇini In Roman Transliteration translated by Sumitra M. Katre, Copyright © 1987. Courtesy of the University of Texas Press.

Source:Srisa Chandra Vasu's Aṣṭādhyāyī of Pāṇini


Kāśikāvṛttī1: alukiti ca, uttarapade iti ca etadadhikṛtam veditavyam. yaditi ūrdhvam anukramiṣ   See More

Kāśikāvṛttī2: aluguttarapade 6.3.1 alukiti ca, uttarapade iti ca etadadhikṛtam veditavyam. ya   See More

Nyāsa2: aluguttarapade. , 6.3.1 "stokānmuktaḥ, alpānmuktaḥ" iti. "karaṇe    See More

Bālamanoramā1: athā'luksamāso nirūpyate–aluguttarapade. nā'yaṃ vidhiḥ, `rājapuruṣa' ityād Sū #943   See More

Bālamanoramā2: aluguttarapade 943, 6.3.1 athā'luksamāso nirūpyate--aluguttarapade. nā'yaṃ vidhi   See More

Tattvabodhinī1: aluksayāditi. prasajyapratiṣedho'yam. supo dhātvityādinā prāpto luṅga bhavaty Sū #816   See More

Tattvabodhinī2: aluguttarapade 816, 6.3.1 aluksayāditi. prasajyapratiṣedho'yam. supo dtvitdi   See More

1.Source: Arsha Vidya Gurukulam
2.Source: Sanskrit Documents


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