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Grammatical Sūtra: णेरणौ यत् कर्म णौ चेत् स कर्ताऽनाध्याने ṇeraṇau yat karma ṇau cet sa kartā'nādhyāne
Individual Word Components: ṇeḥ aṇau yat karma ṇau cet saḥ kartā anādhyāne
Sūtra with anuvṛtti words: ṇeḥ aṇau yat karma ṇau cet saḥ kartā anādhyāne ātmanepadam (1.3.12), kartari (1.3.14)
Type of Rule: niyama


After a verb ending in the affix ṇi (causal) the Atmanepada is employed, provided that when the object in the non-ṇi or non-causal sense becomes the agent in the causal; and when it does not mean 'to remember with regret;' even when the fruit of the action does not accrue to the agent. Source: Aṣṭādhyāyī 2.0

[Ātmanepadá l-substitutes are introduced after a verbal stem 12] co-occurring with the causative marker Ṇí ( 1.4.52) provided the direct object (kárman) of the primitive stem (áṆi) has become the agent (kartā) of the (derived) stem with marker Ṇí and does not signify `remember with regret' (án-ā-dhya-ne). Source: From Aṣṭādhyāyī of Pāṇini In Roman Transliteration translated by Sumitra M. Katre, Copyright © 1987. Courtesy of the University of Texas Press.

Source:Srisa Chandra Vasu's Aṣṭādhyāyī of Pāṇini

Anuvṛtti: 1.3.12


Kāśikāvṛttī1: ṇicśca 1-3-74 iti kartrabhiprāye kriyāphale siddham eva ātmanepadam. akartrabhip   See More

Kāśikāvṛttī2: ṇe raṇau yat karma ṇau cet sa kartā 'nādhyāne 1.3.67 ṇicśca 1.3.74 iti kartrabh   See More

Nyāsa2: ṇeraṇau yatkarma ṇau cetsa katrtānādhyāne. , 1.3.67 "ārohanti hastinahast   See More

Bālamanoramā1: ṇeraṇau. iha catvāryavāntaravākyāni. `ṇe'riti prathamaṃ vākyam. pratyayagr Sū #562   See More

Bālamanoramā2: ṇeraṇau yatkarma ṇau cetsa kartā'nādhyāne 562, 1.3.67 ṇeraṇau. iha catryavānta   See More

Tattvabodhinī1: ṇeraṇau yatkarma. ātmanepadamityadhikriyate. ihāvāntaravākyāni catvāri pratīyan Sū #466   See More

Tattvabodhinī2: ṇairaṇau yatkarma ṇau cetsa kartā'nādhyāne 466, 1.3.67 ṇeraṇau yatkarma. ātmanep   See More

1.Source: Arsha Vidya Gurukulam
2.Source: Sanskrit Documents


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