pañcan पञ्चन्

Definition: plural (said to be fr.1. pac-,to spread out the hand with its five fingers; Nominal verb accusative p/añca-[ pañc/a-]; instrumental case c/abhis-; dative case ablative c/abhyas-; locative case c/asu-[Class. also, cabhis-, cabhy/as-, cas/u- confer, compare ]; genitive case cān/ām-) five etc. (confer, compare under indriya-, kṛṣṭi-, carṣaṇi-, jana-, bhūta-, mātra-, yajña-, svasṛ-etc.) ; sg. Name of ([ confer, compare Zend pan5can; Greek , AEolic ; Latin quinque; Lithuanian penki4; Gothic fimf; German fünf; Anglo-Saxon fif; English five.])

Dictionary: Monier-Williams
Literary Sources: AV. v , 15 , 5, Pa1n2. 6-1 , 179 , RV., Katha1s. xiv.
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