pañcamaya पञ्चमय

Definition: a. (î) consisting of five (elements); -mâshaka (or ika), a. consisting of or amounting to five mâshas; -mâsya, a. needing five months for its development (seed); -mukha, a. five-faced; having five points (arrow); -mûla, m. Name of an attendant on Durgâ; -yâma, a. having five courses; -yoganî, f. distance of five yoganas; -râtra, n. period of five days; a. (á) lasting five days; n. general designation of the sacred book of Vishnuite sects: -ka, a. lasting five days; -lakshana, a. having five characteristics; -lambaka, m. T. of the 14th Lambaka in the Kathâsaritsâgara; -vata, m. N.; Name of a locality: î, f. id.; -varga, m. group orseries of five; -varna, a. five-coloured; of five kinds; -varsha: -ka, -varshîya, a. five years old; -vârshika, a. recurring every five years; -vimsá, a. (î) twenty-fifth; consisting of or containing twenty-five; -vimsati, f.twenty-five: -tama, a. twenty-fifth; -vidha, a. fivefold; -vrit, ad. five times; -sata, n. pl. five hundred; consisting of five hundred panas (fine); paying a fine of five hundred (panas); five-hundredth: e kâle, in the 500th year; n. 105; 500; î, f. 500; -sara, m. (five-arrowed), Kâma; -sikha, a. wearing five top-knots (ascetic); m. Name of an attendant of Siva; -sîrsha, a. five-headed.

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