pañcama पञ्चम

Definition: पञ्चम a. (-भी f.) The fifth. -2 Forming a fifth part. -3 Dexterous, clever. -4 Beautiful, brilliant. -मः 1 The fifth (or in later times the seventh) note of the Indian gamut; it is said to be produced by the cuckoo (कोकिलो रौति पञ्चमम् Nārada), and is so called because it is produced from 5 parts of the body:-- वायुः समुद्गतो नाभेरुरोहृत्कण्ठमूर्धसु । विचरन् पञ्चमस्थानप्राप्त्या पञ्चम उच्यते ॥. -2 Name of a Rāga or musical mode (sung in the above note); व्यथयति वृथा मौनं तन्वि प्रपञ्चय पञ्चमम् Gīt.1; so उदञ्चितपञ्चमरागम् Gīt.1. -3 The fifth consonant of a class; i. e. a nasal. -मम् 1 A fifth. -2 Sexual intercourse (मैथुन), the fifth मकार of the Tāntrikas. -मम् ind. For the fifth time, fifthly; Ms.8.125. -मी 1 The fifth day of a lunar fortnight. -2 The ablative case (in gram.). -3 An epithet of Draupadī. -4 A chequered board for playing at draughts. -Comp. -आस्यः the cuckoo. -स्वरम् Name of a metre; P. R.

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