pañcaka पञ्चक

Definition: a. consisting of five; five days old; with sata, n. five per cent; n. the number five (penta/s); (páñka)-kapâla, a. (î) distributed in five dishes; -kritvas, ad. five times; -gavya, n. sg. & pl. five products of the cow (milk, curds, butter, urine, dung); -guna, a. five times greater than (ab.); -grâmî, f. group of five villages; -katvâr imsat, f. forty-five; -kandra, m. N.; -kûda, a. having five tufts of hair; -ganá, m. pl.the five races or kinds: gods, men, Gandharvas and Apsarases, serpents, and Manes; sg. man: î-ya, a. sacred to the five races; -tantra: -ka, n. T. of a collection of fables in five books; -tapas, a. (ascetic) exposing himself to five fires (one at each cardinal point, with the sun above); -taya, a. (î) fivefold; -tâ, f. fivefold amount; dissolution of the body into the five elements, death; -tîrthî, f. the five sacred bathing-places; Name of a Tîrtha; -trimsat: -î, f. thirty-five; -tva, n. fiveness; the five elements, earth, water, five, air, and ether; dissolution into the five elements, death: -m gam, die; -dasá, a. (î) fifteenth; consisting of fifteen; increased by fifteen; î, f.fifteenth day in a half-month; -dasan, a. pl. fifteen; -dasa-vârshika, a. fifteen years old; -dasa½aha, m. period of fifteen days: i-ka, a. lasting fifteen days; -dh&asharp;, ad. in five parts, fivefold; -dhâtu, n. sg. the five elements.

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