pāraḥ पारः

Definition: पारः रम् [परं तीरं परमेव अण्, पॄ-घञ् वा] 1 The further or opposite bank of a river or ocean; पारं दुःखोदधेर्गन्तुं तर यावन्न भिद्यते Śānti.3.1; विरहजलधेः पारमासादयिष्ये Pad. D.13; H.1.177. -2 The further or opposite side of anything; स हि देवः परं ज्योतिस्तमःपारे व्यवस्थितम् Ku.2.58. -3 The end or extremity of anything; furtherest or concluding limit; तेजस्वी रिपुहतबन्धुदुःखपारम् (व्रजति) Ve. 3.25. -4 The fullest extent, the totality of anything; स पूर्वजन्मान्तरदृष्टपाराः स्मरन्निव R.18.5. (पारं गम्, -इ, -या 1 to cross over, surmount, get over; व्यसनेष्वेव सर्वेषु यस्य बुद्धिर्न हीयते । स तेषां पारमभ्येति Pt.2.6. -2 to accomplish, fulfil; as in प्रतिज्ञायाः पारं गतः -3 To master fully, become proficient in; सकलशास्त्रपारं गतः Pt.1; पारं नी 'to bring to a close.'). -रः 1 Quick-silver. -2 Guardian; तस्माद् भयाद् येन स नो$स्तु पारः Bhāg.6.9.24. -3 The end; महिम्नः पारं ते Mahimna.1. (पारे meaning 'on the other side of', 'beyond' sometimes enters into comp.; e. g. पारेगङ्गम्, पारेसमुद्रम् beyond the Ganges or the ocean; मम लङ्कापुरी नाम्ना रम्या पारे महोदधेः Mb.3.274.35.) -Comp. -अपारम्, -अवारम् both banks, the nearer and further bank. (-रः) the sea, ocean; शोकपारावारमुत्तर्तुमशक्नुवती Dk.4; Bv.4.11. -अयणम् 1 going across. -2 reading through, perusal, thorough study. -3 the whole, completeness, or totality of anything; as in ब्रह्मपारायणम्, मन्त्रपारायणम् &c. याज्ञवल्क्यो मुनिर्यस्मै ब्रह्मपारायणं जगौ Mv.1. 14. -अयणी 1 Name of the goddess Sarasvatī. -2 considering, meditation. -3 an act, action. -4 light. -काम a. desirous of going to the other end. -ग a. 1 crossing over, ferrying across. -2 one who has gone to the end of, one who has completely mastered anything, completely familiar of conversant with (with gen. or in comp.); वेदपारगः Ms.2.148; Y.1.111. -3 profoundly learned. (-गम्) keeping, fulfilling (of a promise). -गत, -गामिन् a. one who has gone to the other side or shore. (-तः) an Arhat or deified saint with Jainas. -चर a. emancipated forever. -दर्शक a. 1 showing the opposite bank. -2 transparent. -दृश्वन् a. 1 far-seeing, wise, prudent. -2 one who has seen the other side of anything, one who has completely mastered or has become familiar with anything; (cf. P.III.2.94); श्रुतिपारदृश्वा R.5.24. -नेतृ a. making a person conversant with. -समुद्रकः A variety of gems; Kau. A.2.11.29.

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