nāyaka नायक

Definition: नायक a. [नी-ण्वुल्] Guiding, leading, conducting. -कः 1 A guide, leader, conductor. -2 A chief, master, head, lord. -3 A pre-eminent or principal person, distinguished personage; सैन्यनायकः &c. -4 A general, commander. -5 (In Rhet.) The hero of a poetic composition (a play or drama); (according to S. D. there are four main kinds of नायक:-- धीरोदात्त, धीरोद्धत, धीरललित, and धीरप्रशान्त, q. v.; these are again subdivided, the total number of kinds being 48; see S. D.64-75. The Rasamañjarī mentions 3 classes पति, उपपति, and वैशिक; 95.11). -6 The central gem of a necklace; नायको नेतरि श्रेष्ठे हारमध्य- मणावपि' इति विश्वः. -7 A paradigm or leading example; दशैते स्त्रीषु नायकाः. -8 An epithet of Śākyamuni. -Comp. -अधिपः a king, sovereign.

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