mukta मुक्त

Definition: मुक्त p. p. [मुच्-क्त] 1 Loosened, relaxed, slackened. -2 Set free, liberated, relaxed. -3 Abandoned, left, given up, set aside, taken off. -4 Thrown, cast, discharged, hurled. -5 Fallen down, dropped down from; विदन्ति मार्गं नखरन्ध्रमुक्तैर्मुक्ताफलैः Ku.1.6. -6 Drooping, unnerved; मुक्तैरवयवैरशयिषि Dk. -7 Given, bestowed. -8 Sent forth, emitted. -9 Finally saved or emancipated. -1 Ejected, spit out. -11 Deprived. -12 Absolved or emancipated (from sin or worldly existence); see मुच् also. -13 Opened, blown (as a flower); मुक्तपुष्पावकीर्णेन (शोभिता) Rām.5.1.8. -14 Set up, established (प्रवर्तित); स दण्डो विधिवन्मुक्तः Rām.7.79.9. -क्तः One who is finally emancipated from the bonds of worldly existence, one who has renounced all worldly attachments and secured final beatitude, an absolved saint; सुभाषितेन गीतेन युवतीनां च लीलया । मनो न भिद्यते यस्य स वै मुक्तो$थवा पशुः ॥ Subhāṣ. -क्तम् The spirit released from worldly existence. -Comp. -अम्बरः a Jaina mendicant of the digambara class. -आत्मन् a. finally saved or emancipated. (-m.) 1 the soul absolved from sins or from worldly matter. -2 a person whose soul is absolved. -आसन a. rising from a seat. (-नम्) a particular position of ascetics (सिद्धासन). -कच्छः a Buddhist. -कञ्चुकः a snake that has cast off its slough. -कण्ठ a. raising a cry. (-ण्ठम्) ind. bitterly, loudly, aloud; सा मुक्तकण्ठं व्यसनातिभाराच्चक्रन्द विग्ना कुररीव भूयः R.14.68. -कर, -हस्त a. open-handed, liberal, bountiful. -केश a. letting the hair hang down, having the hair dishevelled. -चक्षुस् m. a lion. -चेतस् a. absolved, emancipated. -प्रपाङ्गम् an open court-yard connected with a tank; मुक्तप्रपाङ्गमपि दारुशिलेष्टकाद्यैः । रत्नैरनेकबहुलोह- विशेषकैश्च ॥ Mānasāra 47.31-32. -बन्धन a. free from bondage; पश्य मूषिकमात्रेण कपोता मुक्तबन्धनाः. -लज्ज a. shameless. -वसनः see मुक्ताम्बर. -शैशव a. adult, grown up. -संग a. free from (wordly) ties or attachments, disinterested. (-गः) an ascetic of the fourth religious order (परिव्राजक).

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