miśra मिश्र

Definition: मिश्र a. [मिश्र्-अच्] 1 Mixed, blended, mingled, combined; गद्यं पद्यं च मिश्रं च तत् त्रिधैव व्यवस्थितम् Kāv.1.11, 31,32; R.16.32; (स राजा) अहन्यहन्यर्थगजाश्वमिश्रैर्वृद्धिं ययौ सिन्धुरिवाम्बुवेगैः Bu. Ch.2.1. -2 Associated, connected. -3 Manifold, diverse; प्रसूतिमिश्राः स्रिय उद्विग्नचित्ता ऊचुर्विपाको वृजिनस्यैष तस्य Bhāg.4.5.9. -4 Tangled, intertwined. -5 (At the end of comp.) Having a mixture of, consisting for the most part of. -6 Mixing, adulterating. -श्रः 1 A respectable or worthy person; usually affixed to the names of great men and scholars; आर्यमिश्राः प्रमाणम् M.1; वसिष्ठमिश्रः; मण्डनमिश्रः &c. -2 A kind of elephant. -3 The group of the constellations कृत्तिका and विशाखा. -4 (In music) A kind of measure. -श्रम् 1 A mixture. -2 A kind of radish. -3 (with धन) Principal and interest. -Comp. -ओदनः a food of rice and pulse boiled (Mar. खिचडी). -चोरः, -चौरः an adulterator of grain. -जः a mule. -जाति a. of mixed breed. -धान्यम् mixed grain. -वर्ण a. of a mixed colour. (-र्णम्) 1 a kind of black aloe-wood. -2 a species of sugar-cane. -3 (in music) a kind of measure. ˚फला Solanum Melongena (Mar. डोरली वांगी). -वृत्तम् a mixed story (partly popular and partly supernatural). -व्यवहारः (in arith.) investigation of composition (of principal and interest). -शब्दः a mule.

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