madhya मध्य

Definition: मध्य a. [मन्-यत् नस्य धः Tv.] 1 Middle, central, being in the middle or centre; एकं मुक्तागुणमिव भुवः स्थूल- मध्येन्द्रनीलम् Me.48; Ms.2.21. -2 Intervening, intermediate. -3 Middling, moderate, of a middling size or quality, mediocre; अग्ऱ्यो मध्यो जघन्यश्च तं प्रवेक्ष्याम्यशेषतः Ms.12.3; प्रारभ्य विघ्नविहता विरमन्ति मध्याः Bh.2.27. -4 Neutral, impartial. -5 Just, right. -6 Mean (in astr.).-ध्यः, -ध्यम् 1 The middle, centre, middle or central part; अह्नः मध्यम् midday; सहस्रदीधितिरलंकरोति मध्यमह्नः Māl. 1 'the sun is on the meridian' or 'right over-head'; सरति सहसा बाह्वोर्मध्यं गताप्यबला सती M.4.11 (v. l.); व्योममध्ये V.2.1. -2 The middle of the body, the waist; मध्ये क्षामा Me.84; वेदिविलग्नमध्या Ku.1.39; विशालवक्षास्तनुवृत्तमध्यः R.6.32; दधाना बलिभं मध्यं कर्णजाहविलोचना Bk.4.16. -3 The belly, abdomen; मध्येन ... वलित्रयं चारु बभार बाला Ku.1.39. -4 The inside or interior of anything. -5 A middle state or condition. -6 The flank of a horse. -7 Mean time in music. -8 The middle term of a progression. -9 Cessation, pause, interval. -ध्या 1 The middle finger. -2 A young woman, one arrived at puberty. -ध्यम् Ten thousand billions. [The acc., instr., abl. and loc. singulars of मध्य are used adverbially. (a) मध्यम् into the midst of, into. (b) मध्येन through or between. (c) मध्यात् out of, from among, from the midst (with gen.); तेषां मध्यात् काकः प्रोवाच Pt.1. (d) मध्ये 1 in the middle, between, among, in the midst; स जहार तयोर्मध्ये मैथिलीं लोकशोषणः R.12.29. -2 in, into, within, inside, oft. as the first member of adverbial compounds; e. g. मध्येगङ्गम् into the Ganges; मध्येजठरम् in the belly; Bv.1.61; मध्येनगरम् inside the city; मध्येनदि in the middle of the river; मध्येपृष्ठम् on the back; मध्येभक्तम् a medicine taken in the middle of one's meals; मध्येरणम् in the battle; Bv.1.128; मध्ये- सभम् in or before an assembly; N.6.76; मध्येसमुद्रम् in the midst of the sea; Śi.3.33.]. -Comp. -अङ्गुलिः, -ला f. the middle finger. -अह्नः (for अहन्) midday, noon; प्रातःकालो मुहूर्तांस्त्रीन् संगवस्तावदेव तु । मध्याह्नस्त्रिमुहूर्तं स्यात् ...... Dakṣasamhitā. ˚कृत्यम्, ˚क्रिया a midday rite or observance. ˚कालः, ˚वेला, ˚समयः noontime, midday. ˚स्नानम् midday ablution. -आदित्यः the mid-day sun. -उदात्त a. having the उदात्त accent on the middle syllable. -कर्णः a radius. -क्ष्मामा Name of a metre. -ग a. being or going in the middle or among. -गत a. central, middle, being in the middle. -गन्धः the mango tree. -ग्रहणम् the middle of an eclipse. -छाया mean or middle shadow. -जिह्वम् the organ of the palatals. -ज्या the sign of the meridian. -तमस् n. circular or annular darkness, central darkness. -तापिनी Name of an Upaniṣad. -दन्तः a front tooth. -दिनम् (also मध्यंदिनम्); मध्यंदिने$र्धरात्रे च Ms.7.151. 1 midday, noon. -2 a midday offering. -दीपकम् a variety of the figure called Dīpaka, in which the common attribute that throws light on the whole description is placed in the middle; e. g; गरुडानिलतिग्मरश्मयः पततां यद्यपि संमता जवे । अचिरेण कृतार्थमागतं तममन्यन्त तथाप्यतीव ते ॥ Bk.1.25. -देशः 1 the middle region or space, the middle part of anything. -2 the waist. -3 the belly. -4 the meridian. -5 the central region, the country lying between the Himālaya and Vindhya mountains; हिमवद्विन्ध्ययोर्मध्यं यत्प्राग्विनशनादपि । प्रत्यगेव प्रयागाच्च मध्यदेशः स कीर्तितः ॥ Ms.2.21. -देहः the trunk of the body, the belly. -निहित a. inserted, fixed into. -पदम् the middle word. ˚लेपिन् see मध्यमपदलोपिन्. -परिमाणम् the middle measure (between an atom and infinitude). -पातः 1 communion, intercourse. -2 (in astr.) the mean occurrence of the aspect. -प्रविष्ट a. one who has stolen into another's confidence; Ks. -भः (in astr.) the meridian ecliptic point. -भागः 1 the middle part. -2 the waist. -भावः 1 middle state, mediocrity. -2 a middling or moderate distance. -मणिः the principle or central gem of a necklace. -यवः a weight of six white mustard-seeds. -योगिन् a. being in the middle of a conjunction, completely obscured. -रात्रः, -रात्रिः f. midnight. -रेखा the central or first meridian; (the line supposed to be drawn through लङ्का, उज्जयिनी, कुरुक्षेत्र and other places to the mount मेरु). -लग्नम् the point of the ecliptic situated on the meridian. -लोकः the middle of the three worlds; i. e. the earth or world of mortals. ˚ईशः, ˚ईश्वरः a king. -वयस् a. middle-aged. -वर्तिन् a. 1 middle, central. -2 being among or in the middle. (-m.) an arbitrator, a mediator. -वृत्तम् the navel. -शरीर a. 1 having a middle-sized body. -2 one of moderately full habit. -सूत्रम् = मध्यरेखा q. v. -स्थ a. 1 being or standing in the middle, central. -2 intermediate, intervening. -3 middling. -4 mediating, acting as umpire between two parties. -5 impartial, neutral; सुहृन्मित्रार्युदासीनमध्यस्थ- द्वेष्यबन्धुषु ... समबुद्धिर्विशिष्यते Bg.6.9. -6 indifferent, unconcerned; अन्या मध्यस्थचिन्ता तु विमर्दाभ्यधिकोदया Rām. 2.2.16; मध्यस्थो देशबन्धुषु Pt.4.6; वयमत्र मध्यस्थाः Ś.5. (-स्थः) 1 an umpire, arbitrator, a mediator. -2 an epithet of Śiva. -स्थता 1 intermediate position. -2 middle state or character. -3 mediocrity. -4 arbitration, mediatorship. -5 impartiality; मध्यस्थतां गृहीत्वा भण M.3 'say impartially'; मध्यस्थतानैकतरोपहासः N. -6 indifference. -स्थलम्, -स्थली 1 the middle or centre. -2 the middle space or region. -3 the waist. -4 the hip; कुचौ मरिचसंनिभौ मुरजमध्यमध्यस्थली Udb. -स्थानम् 1 the middle station. -2 the middle space; i. e. air. -3 a neutral region. -स्थित a. central, intermediate. -ता indifference. -स्वरित a. having the स्वरित accent on the middle syllable.

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