mīmāṃsā मीमांसा

Definition: मीमांसा [मान्-विचारे स्वार्थे सन् अ] 1 Deep reflection, inquiry, examination, investigation; अथातो व्रतमीमांसा Bṛi. Up.1.5.21; रसगङ्गाधरनाम्नीं करोति कुतुकेन काव्य- मीमांसाम् R. G.; सैषा आनन्दस्य मीमांसा भवति Tait. Up.; so दत्तक˚, अलंकार˚ &c. -2 Name of one of the six chief darśanas or systems of Indian philsophy. (It was originally divided into two systems :-the पूर्वमीमांसा or कर्ममीमांसा founded by Jaimini, and the उत्तरमीमांसा or ब्रह्ममीमांसा ascribed to Bādarāyaṇa; but the two systems have very little in common between them, the first concerning itself chiefly with the correct interpretation of the ritual of the Veda and the settlement of dubious points in regard to Vedic texts; and the latter dealing chiefly with the nature of Brahman or the Supreme Spirit. The पूर्वमीमांसा is, therefore, usually, styled only मीमांसा or the Mīmāṁsā, and the उत्तर- मीमांसा, वेदान्त which, being hardly a sequel of Jaimini's system, is now considered and ranked separately.) मीमांसाकृतमुन्ममाथ सहसा हस्ती मुनिं जैमिनिम् Pt.2.34. -Comp. -कारः, -कृत् m. Name of Jaimini. -मांसल a. fat with Mīmāṁsā (a satirical term meaning 'dull'); अहो मन्दस्य मीमांसाश्रमहानिर्विजृम्भते । मीमांसामांसलं चेतः कथमित्थं प्रमाद्यति ॥ Āgama Pr. -मांसलप्रज्ञः one whose intellect is fattened on the Mīmāṁsā philosophy (a term of ridicule); ब्रूथ च स्वयं, मीमांसामांसलप्रज्ञाः, ताम् N.17.61. -सूत्रम् Name of the 12 books of aphorisms by Jaimini.मीमांसितव्य mīmāṃsitavya मीमांस्य mīmāṃsyaमीमांसितव्य मीमांस्य a. To be examined, thought over, refected; श्रुतिस्तु वेदो विज्ञेयो धर्मशास्त्रं तु वै स्मृतिः । ते सर्वार्थेष्वमीमांस्ये ताभ्यां धर्मो हि निर्बभौ ॥ Ms.2.1; मीमांस्यमेव ते मन्ये विदितम् Ken.2.1.

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