māṣaḥ माषः

Definition: माषः [मष् संज्ञायां कर्तरि घञ्] 1 A bean; (the sing. being used for the plant and the pl. for the fruit or seed); तिलेभ्यः प्रति यच्छति माषान् Sk.; मुद्राभावे माषाद्याः प्रति- निधित्वमर्हन्ति J. N. V. -2 A particular weight of gold; पञ्चकृष्णलको माषस्ते सुवर्णस्तु षोडश Ms.8.134; माषो विंशतिमो भागः पणस्य परिकीर्तितः or गुञ्जाभिरष्टभिर्माषः -3 A fool, blockhead. -4 A kind of pulse. -5 A cutaneous eruption resembling beans. -Comp. -अदः, -आदः a tortoise. -आज्यम् a dish of beans cooked with ghee. -आशः a horse. -ऊन a. less by a Māṣa. -पर्णी Glycine Debilis (Mar. रानउडीद). -पिष्टम् a kind of sauce prepared from the flour of Māṣa (Mar. डांगर ?) Gaṇeśa P.49.47-51. -पेशम् ind. as if beans were ground; Mk. -योनिः a thin cake (पर्पट) made of Māṣa flour; Gīrvāṇa. -वर्धकः a goldsmith.

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