lamba लम्ब

Definition: लम्ब a. [लम्ब्-अच्] 1 Hanging down, hanging from, pendent, dangling; पाण्ड्यो$यमंसार्पितलम्बहारः R.6.6,84; शतबुद्धिः कृतोन्नामः सलम्बश्च सहस्रधीः Pt.5.45; Me.86. -2 Hanging upon, attached to. -3 Great, large. -4 Spacious. -5 Long, tall. -म्बः 1 A perpendicular. -2 Colatitude, the arc between the pole of any place and the zenith, complement of latitude. -3 A bribe. -4 Name of a particular throw or move (at a kind of chess). -म्बी 1 A kind of food prepared from grain. -2 A flowering branch. -Comp. -उदर a. big-bellied, pot-bellied, portly. (-रः) 1 Name of Gaṇeśa. -2 a glutton. ˚जननी Name of Pārvatī; निरालम्बो लम्बोदरजननि कं यामि शरणम् Ā.L.11. (-री) Name of the goddess Tārā. -ओष्ठः (लम्बो-म्बौ-ष्ठः) a camel. -कर्णः 1 an ass. -2 a goat, -3 an elephant. -4 a falcon. -5 a demon or Rākṣasa. -गुणः, -ज्या, -रेखा the sine of the co-latitude; स्वाबाधाभुजकृत्योरन्तरमूलं प्रजायते लम्बः । लम्बगुणं भूम्यर्धं स्पष्टं त्रिभुजं फलं भवति Līlā. -जठर a. pot-bellied, portly. -दन्ता, -बीजा a kind of pepper. -पयोधरा a woman with large pendent breasts. -स्फिच् a. having fat or protuberant buttocks.

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