kambalaḥ कम्बलः

Definition: कम्बलः [Uṇ.1.16] 1 A blanket (of wool); कम्बलवन्तं न बाधते शीतम् Subhāṣ.; कम्बलावृतेन तेन H.3; Rām.7.1.3. -2 A dew-lap. -3 A sort of deer. -4 An upper garment of wool. -5 A wall. -6 A small worm. -7 Name of a serpent-king. -8 Covering of an elephant. cf. कम्बलो नागराजे च सास्नायां मृगरोमजे । गज- प्रावरणे चैव ...... Nm. -लम् Water. -Comp. -वाह्यकम् a kind of carriage covered with a coarse blanket, and drawn by oxen.

Dictionary: Apte
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