kātyāyanī कात्यायनी

Definition: कात्यायनी 1 An elderly or middle aged widow (dressed in red clothes). -2 Name of a wife of Yajñavalkya मैत्रेयी च कात्यायनी च Bṛi. Up.4.5.1. -3 Name of Pārvatī; cf. उमा कात्यायनी गौरी काली हैमवतीश्वरी Ak. -Comp. -तन्त्रम् n. a Tantra containing the description of the methods of दुर्गापूजा and said to have been composed by Śiva. -पुत्रः, -सुतः Name of Kārttikeya.

Dictionary: Apte
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