jayantaḥ जयन्तः

Definition: जयन्तः 1 Name of the son of Indra; पौलोमीसंभवेनेव जयन्तेन पुरन्दरः V.5.14; Ś.7.2; R.3.23;6.78. -2 Name of Śiva -3 The moon. -4 Name of Viṣṇu. -5 A name assumed by Bhīma at the court of Virāṭa. -ती 1 A flag or banner. -2 Name of the daughter of Indra. -3 Name of Durgā. -4 Blades of barley planted at the commencement of the Dasarā and gathered at its close. -5 The rising of the asterism Rohiṇī at midnight on the eighth day of the dark half of Śrāvaṇa i. e. on the birth day of Kṛiṣṇa. -Comp. -पत्रम् (in law) 1 the written award of the judge in favour of either party. -2 the label on the fore-head of a horse turned-loose for the Aśvamedha sacrifice. -सप्तमी the Seventh day in the bright half of Māgha.जयन्तिः (-न्ती) A synonym of the balance-post; तुलादण्डो जयन्ती च फलकाः पर्यायवाचकाः Māna.16.48.

Dictionary: Apte
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