jāmbavat जाम्बवत्

Definition: जाम्बवत् m. Name of a king of bears who was of signal service to Rāma at the siege of Laṅkā. He was also noted for his medical skill. [This same Jāmbavat appears to have lived up to the time of Kṛisna, or perhaps he was another being of that time; for there was a fight between Kṛiṣṇa and Jāmbavat for the Syamantaka jewel which the latter had got from Prasena, brother of Satrājit. Kṛiṣṇa vanquished Jāmbavat, who placed the jewel, along with his daughter Jāmbavatī, at his entire disposal.]जाम्बीरम् (-लम्) A citron. -लम् Ved. The knee-pan.

Dictionary: Apte
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