iṣṭa इष्ट

Definition: इष्ट p. p. [इष् इच्छायां कर्मणि क्त] 1 Wished, desired, longed for, wished for; उपपन्नो गुणैरिष्टैः Nala.1.1. -2 Beloved, agreeable, liked, favourite, dear; ˚आत्मजः Mu.2.8 fond of sons. -3 Worshipped, reverenced. -4 Respected. -5 Approved, regarded as good. -6 Desirable; see इष्टापूर्त. -6 Valid. -7 Sacrificed, worshipped with sacrifices. -8 Supposed (कल्पित); oft. used in Līlavatī. -ष्टः 1 A lover, husband, beloved person; इष्टप्रवासजनितानि Ś.4.3. -2 A friend; इष्टानामिष्ट- कर्मकृत Pt.1.57;2.172. -3 Name of a tree (एरंड). -4 Name of Viṣṇu. -5 A sacrifice. -ष्टा Name of a tree (शमी). -ष्टम् 1 Wish, desire. -2 A holy ceremony or संस्कार. एतदिष्टं प्रवृत्ताख्यम् Bhāg.7.15.49. -3 A sacrifice; Bṛi. Up.4.1.2; see इष्टापूर्त. ind. Voluntarily. -Comp. -अर्थः desired object. ˚उद्युक्त a. zealously engaged in gaining one's desired object. -आपत्तिः f. occurrence of what is desired; a statement by a debater which is favourable to his opponent also; इष्टापत्तौ दोषान्तरमाह Jag. -कर्मन् n. (In Arith.) rule of supposition, operation with an assumed number. -कापथः the root of a fragrant grass (वीरणमूल; Mar. वाळा). -कामदुह् a. granting the desired objects, an epithet of the cow of plenty; एष वो$स्त्विष्टकामधुक् Bg.3.1. -गन्ध a. fragrant. (-धः) any fragrant substance. (-धम्) sand. -जनः a beloved person (whether man or woman); U.3. -देवः, -देवता a favourite god, one's tutelary deity. -भागिन् a. One who has attained his object; अपूजयन्राघवमिष्टभागिनम् Rām.6.67.175. -यामन् a. going according to one's desire. वायुर्न यो नियुत्वाँ इष्टयामा Rv.9. 88.3. -व्रत a. 1 performing desired vows. -2 obeying one's wish. -3 (food &c.) for the fulfilment of a vow. -4 that by which good works succeed. इष इष्टव्रता अकः Rv.3.59.9.

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