hastin हस्तिन्

Definition: हस्तिन् a. (-नी f.) [हस्तः शुण्डादण्डो$स्त्यस्य इनि] 1 Having hands. -2 Having a trunk. -m. An elephant; Ms.7. 96;12.43; (elephants are said to be of four kinds; भद्र, मन्द्र, मृग and मिश्र). -Comp. -अध्यक्षः a superintendent of elephants. -अशना Boswellia Serrata (Mar. साळई, कुरुंद). -आजीवः an elephant-driver. -आयुर्वेदः awork dealing with the treatment of the elephant's diseases. -आरोहः an elephant-driver or rider. -कक्ष्यः 1 a lion. -2 a tiger. -कर्णः the castor-oil plant. -गिरिः the city and district of Kāñchī. -घ्नः 1 an elephantkiller. -2 a man. -चारः a kind of weapon. -चारिन् m. an elephant-driver. -जागरिकः a keeper of elephants. -जिह्वा a particular vein. -दन्तः 1 the tusk of an elephant. -2 a peg projecting from a wall. (-न्तम्) 1 ivory. -2 a radish. -दन्तकम् a radish. -नखम् a sort of turret protecting the approach to the gate of a city or fort. -नासा an elephant's trunk. -पः, -पकः an elephant driver or rider; जज्ञे जनैर्मुकुलिताक्षमनाददाने संरब्धहस्तिपक- निष्ठुरचोदनाभिः Śi.5.49; इति घोषयतीव हिण्डिमः करिणो हस्तिपका- हतः क्कणन् H.2.86. -पर्णी the कर्कटी plant. -प्रधान a. chiefly depending on elephants; Kau. A.2.2. -बन्धकी a female elephant helping in tethering wild ones; Kau. A.2.2. -मदः the ichor issuing from the temples of an elephant in rut. -मयूरकः Name of a plant (Mar. आज- मोदा). -मल्लः 1 Name of Airāvata; सुराधिपाधिष्ठितहस्तिमल्ललीलां दधौ राजतगण्डशैलः Śi.4.13. -2 of Gaṇeśa. -3 of Śaṅkha, the eighth of the chief Nāgas. -4 a heap of ashes. -5 a shower of dust. -6 frost. -यूथः, -थम् a herd of elephants. -वक्त्रः Name of Gaṇeśa; Dk.2.3. -वर्चसम् the splendour or magnificence of an elephant. -वाहः 1 an elephant-driver. -2 a hook for driving elephants. -विषाणी Musa Sapientum (Mar. केळ). -शाला an elephant-stable. -शुण्डा, -ण्डी A kind of shrub (Mar. इंद्रवारुणी, -कवंडळ). -श्यामाकः a kind of millet. -षड्गवम् a collection of six elephants. -स्नानम् = गजस्नानम् q. v.; अवशेन्द्रियचित्तानां हस्तिस्नानमिव क्रिया H.1.17. -हस्तः an elephant's trunk.हस्तिन hastina (ना nā) पुरम् puramहस्तिन (ना) पुरम् Name of a city founded by king Hastin, said to be situated some fifty miles north-east of the modern Delhi; it forms a central scene of action in the Mahābhārata; it's other names are:-- गजाह्वय, नागसाह्वय, नागाह्व, हास्तिन.

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