girikuhara गिरिकुहर

Definition: n. mountain cave; -kshít, a. dwelling on mountains; -kakra vartin, m. prince of mountains, the Himâ laya; -kará, a. mountain-roaming; m. wild elephant; -ga, a. mountain-born: â, f.daughter of the mountain, ep. of Pârvatî; -nadî, f. mountain stream; -trá, a. moun tain-ruling, ep. of Siva; -durga, a. inac cessible owing to mountains; n. hill-fort; -dhâtu, m. pl. mountain ores; -nadikâ, f. mountain brook; -nadî, f.=giri-nadî; -pati, m. king of mountains, lofty mountain; -pri shtha, n. mountain ridge; -prapâta, m. preci pice; -prastha, m. mountain plain, plateau; -bhid, a. mountain-piercing; -râg, m. king of mountains, lofty mountain; -vâsin, a. dwelling in the mountains; -sá, a. dwelling in the mountains, ep. of Siva; -shad, a. sit ting on mountains (Rudra); -shth&asharp;, a.= giri-vâsin; -sutâ, f. daughter of the moun tain,ep. of Pârvatî.

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