ghaṭaḥ घटः

Definition: घटः [घट-अच्] 1 A large earthen water-jar, pitcher, jar, watering-pot; आकाशमेकं हि यथा घटादिषु पृथग्भवेत् Y. 3.144; कूपे पश्य पयोनिधावपि घटो गृह्णाति तुल्यं जलम् Bh.2.49. -2 The sign Aquarius of the zodiac (also called कुम्भ). -3 An elephant's frontal sinus. -4 Suspending the breath as a religious exercise. -5 A measure equal to 2 droṇas. -6 A part of a column; स्तम्भं विभज्य नवधा वहनं भागो घटो$स्य भागो$न्यः Bṛi. S.53.29. -7 A border. -8 A peculiar form of a temple; Bṛi. S.56.18,26. -9 The head; 'घटः समाधिभेदे ना शिरः कूटकटेषु च' Medinī; Mb.1.155.38. -Comp. -आटोपः covering for a carriage or any article of furniture. -उदरः Name of Gaṇeśa; घटोदरः शूर्पकर्णो गणाध्यक्षो मदोत्कटः Ks.55.165. -उद्भवः, -जः, -योनिः, -संभवः epithets of the sage Agastya. -ऊधस् f. (forming घटोध्नी) a cow with a full udder; गाः कोटिशः स्पर्शयता घटोध्नीः R.2.49. -कञ्चुकि n. a rite practised by Tāntrikas and Śāktas (in which the bodices of different women are placed in a receptacle (घट) and the men present at the ceremony are allowed to take them out one by one and then cohabit with the woman to whom each bodice belongs); Āgamapr. -कर्परः 1 Name of a poet. -2 a piece of a broken jar, pot-sherd; जीयेय येन कविना यमकैः परेण तस्मै वहेयमुदकं घट- कर्परेण Ghāṭ.22. -कारः, -कृत् m. a potter; Bṛi. S.15. 1;16.29. -ग्रहः a water-bearer. -दासी a procuress; cf. कुम्भदासी. -पर्यसनम् the ceremony of performing the funeral rites of a patita or apostate (who is unwilling to go back to his caste &c.) during his very life-time. -भवः, -योनिः Agastya. -भेदनकम् an instrument used in making pots. -राजः a water-jar of baked clay. -स्थापनम् placing a water-pot as a type of Durgā for nine days (नवरात्रम्).

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