gaurī गौरी

Definition: गौरी 1 Name of Pārvatī; as in गौरीनाथ. -2 A young girl eight years old; अष्टवर्षा भवेद्गौरी. -3 A young girl prior to menstruation, virgin, maid; स्त्रीणां सहस्रं गौरीणाम् Mb.1.221.49. -4 A woman with a white or yellowish complexion. -5 The earth; गौर्यां गच्छति सुश्रोणि लोकेष्वेषा गतिः सदा Mb.13.146.1. -6 Turmeric. -7 A yellow pigment or dye; (called गोरोचना). -8 The wife of Varuṇa; वरुणस्य तथा गौरी Mb.13.146.5. -9 The Mallikā creeper. -1 The Tulasī plant -11 The Manjishṭhā plant. -12 Speech. -13 Name of a Nāgakanyā. cf. ...... गौरी तु नागकन्योमयोर्मता Nm. -14 Name of a river; L. D. B. -15 Night; L. D. B. -16 Name of a Rāgiṇi. -Comp. -कान्तः, -नाथः an epithet of Śiva. -गुरुः the Himālaya mountain; गौरीगुरोर्गह्वरमाविवेश R.2.26; Ki.5.21. -चतुर्थी, -पूजा the 4th day of the bright half of माघ; a festival on this day. -जः Name of Kārtikeya. (-जम्) talc. -नाथः Name of Śiva; गौरीनाथं पवनतनयं चम्पकं चास्य भावम् Udb. Bh.3.123. -पट्टः the horizontal plate of the Linga of Śiva. -पुत्रः Name of Kārtikeya. -ललितम् ayellow orpiment. -सुतः 1 Name of Kārtikeya. -2 the son of a girl married when 8 years old.

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