gaṇeśa गणेश

Definition: m. (equals ṇa-nātha-) Name of the god of wisdom and of obstacles (son of śiva- and pārvatī-, or according to one legend of pārvatī- alone;though gaṇeśa- causes obstacles he also removes them;hence he is invoked at the commencement of all undertakings and at the opening of all compositions with the words namo gaṇeśāya vighneśvarāya-;he is represented as a short fat man with a protuberant belly, frequently riding on a rat or attended by one, and to denote his sagacity has the head of an elephant, which however has only one tusk;the appellation gaṇeśa-, with other similar compounds, alludes to his office as chief of the various classes of subordinate gods, who are regarded as śiva-'s attendants; see ;he is said to have written down the as dictated by vyāsa- ;persons possessed, by gaṇeśa- are referred to )

Dictionary: Monier-Williams
Literary Sources: RTL. pp. 48 , 62 , 79 , 392 , 440, MBh., MBh. i , 74 ff., Ya1jn5. i , 270 ff.
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