gaṇaḥ गणः

Definition: गणः [गण् कर्मणि कर्तरि वा अच्] 1 A flock, multitude, group, troop, collection; गुणिगणगणना, भगणः -2 A series, a class. -3 A body of followers or attendants. -4 Particularly, a troop of demigods considered as Śiva's attendants and under the special superintendence of Gaṇeśa, a demigod of this troop; गणानां त्वा गणपतिं हवामहे कविं कवीनाम् &c.; गणा नमेरुप्रसवावतंसाः Ku.1.55,7.4,71; Me.35.57; Ki.5.13. -5 Any assemblage or society of men formed for the attainment of the same objects. -6 A company, association. -7 A tribe, class. -8 A series of lunar mansions classed under three heads (of god, men and demons). -9 A sect (in philosophy, religion). -1 A small body of troops (a sub-division of अक्षौहिणी), consisting of 27 chariots, as many elephants, 81 horses and 135 foot; Mb.1.2.21. -11 A number (in math.). -12 A foot (in prosody). -13 (In gram.) A series of roots or words belonging to the same rule and called after the first word of that series; e. g. भ्वादिगण i. e. the class of roots which begin with भू. -14 An epithet of Gaṇeśa. -Comp. -अग्रणी m. Name of Gaṇeśa. -अचलः Name of the mountain Kailāsa, as the residence of the Gaṇas of Śiva. -अधिपः, -अधिपतिः 1 Name of Śiva; Śi.9.27. -2 Name of Gaṇeśa. -3 the chief of a troop of soldiers or of a class of disciples, of a body of men or animals. -अन्नम् a mess, food prepared for number of persons in common; Ms.4.29,219. -अभ्यन्तर a. one of a troop or number. (-रः) the leader or member of any religious association; Ms.3.154. -ईशः Name of Gaṇapati, Śiva's son (see गणपति below). ˚जननी anepithet of Pārvatī. ˚भूषणम् red-lead. -ईशानः, -ईश्वरः 1 an epithet of Gaṇeśa. -2 of Śiva. -उत्साहः the rhinoceros. -कारः 1 a classifier. -2 an epithet of Bhīmasena. -कृत्वस् ind. for a whole series of times, for a number of times. -गतिः a particular high number. -चक्रकम् a dinner eaten in common by a party of virtuous men. -छन्दस् n. metre regulated and measured by feet. -तिथ a. forming a troop or collection. -दीक्षा 1 initiation of a number or a class. -2 performance of rites for a number of persons. -दीक्षिन् a. 1 one who officiates for a number of persons or for various castes (as a priest). -2 one who has been initiated into the worship of Ganeśa. -देवताः (pl.) groups of deities who generally appear in classes of troops; Ak. thus classifies them :-- आदित्यविश्ववसव- स्तुषिता भास्वरानिलाः । महाराजिकसाध्याश्च रुद्राश्च गणदेवताः ॥ -द्रव्यम् 1 public property, common stock; Y.2.187. -2 a variety of articles. -धरः 1 the head of a class or number. -2 the teacher of a school. -नाथः, -नाथकः 1 an epithet of Śiva. -2 of Gaṇeśa. -3 the leader of the attendants of any god; Bhāg.5.17.13. -4 the head of an assemblage or corporation; Bṛi. S.15.4. -नायिका an epithet of Durgā. -पः, पतिः 1 Name of Śiva. -2 Name of Gaṇeśa. [He is the son of Śiva and Pārvatī, or of Pārvatī only; for according to one legend, he sprang from the scurf of her body. He is the god of wisdom and remover of obstacles; hence he is invoked and worshipped at the commencement of every important undertaking. He is usually represented in a sitting posture, short and fat, with a protuberant belly, and four hands; riding a mouse; and with the head of an elephant. This head has only one tusk, the other having been lost in a scuffle between him and Paraśurāma when he opposed the latter's entrance to Śiva's inner apartments; (whence he is called Ekadanta, Ekadaṁṣṭra &c.). There are several legends accounting for his elephant head. It is said that he wrote the Mahābhārata at the dictation of Vyāsa who secured his services as a scribe from the god Brahman]. -3 also an epithet of Bṛihaspati and Indra. -4 the leader of a class or troop. -पर्वत see गणाचल. -पाठः a collection of gaṇas or series of words falling under the same grammatical rule. -पीठकम् the breast, bosom. -पुङ्गवः the head of a tribe or class. (pl.) Name of a country and its people; Bṛi. S.4.24. -पूर्वः the leader of a tribe or class; (ग्रामणी); Mb.13.23.2. ˚तापनी Name of a Upaniṣad. -भर्तृ m. 1 an epithet of Śiva; गणभर्तृरुक्षा Ki.5.42. -2 Name of Gaṇeśa. -3 the leader of a class. -भोजनम् mess, eating in common. -यज्ञः a rite common to all. -रत्नमहोदधिः a collection of grammatical gaṇas by Vardhamāna. -राज्यम् Name of an empire in the Deccan; Bṛi. S.14. 14. -रात्रम् a series of nights. -वल्लभः a general of the army (सेनानायक); Rām.2.81.12. -वृत्तम् see गणच्छन्दस्. -हासः, -हासकः a species of perfume.

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