dvaidha द्वैध

Definition: द्वैध a. (-धी f.) Two-fold, double. -धम् 1 Duality, two-fold nature or state. -2 Separation into two parts. -3 Double resource, secondary reserve; कार्यं वीक्ष्य प्रयुञ्जीत द्वैधं संश्रयमेव च Ms.7.161. -4 Diversity, difference, conflict, contest, variance; श्रुतिद्वैधं तु यत्र स्यात् तत्र धर्माबुभौ स्मृतौ Ms.2.14;9.32; Y.2.78. -5 Doubt, uncertainty; छिन्नद्वैधाः (ऋषयः) Bg.5.25; Ve.6.44. -6 Double-dealing, duplicity, one of the six modes of foreign policy; see द्वैधीभाव below and गुण. -7 Contradiction. -धम् ind. 1 In two parts. -2 In two ways, doubly.

Dictionary: Apte
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