dvaidhībhāvaḥ द्वैधीभावः

Definition: द्वैधीभावः 1 Duality, double state or nature. -2 Separation into two, difference, diversity. -3 Doubt, uncertainty, vacillation, suspense; धृतद्वैधीभावकातरं मे मनः Ś.1. -4 A dilemma. -5 One of the six Guṇas or modes of foreign policy. (According to some authorities it means 'double dealing', or 'duplicity' 'keeping apparently friendly relations with the enemy'; द्वैधी- भाविकाः सन्धिविग्रहाः Kau. A.7; बलिनोर्द्विषतोर्मध्ये वाचात्मानं समर्पयन् । द्वैधीभावेन तिष्ठेत्तु काकाक्षिवदलक्षितः ॥ According to others it means 'dividing one's army and encountering a superior enemy in detachments', 'harassing the enemy by attacking them in small bands'; द्वैधीभावः स्वबलस्य द्विधाकरणम् Mitā. on Y.1.347; cf. also Ms.7. 173. and 16.) -6 A contest, dispute. -7 Falsehood, duplicity.

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