divya दिव्य

Definition: दिव्य a. [दिवि भवः यत्] 1 Divine, heavenly, celestial; दिव्यस्त्वं हि न मानुषः Mb.3.252.8. -2 Supernatural, wonderful; परदोषेक्षणदिव्यचक्षुषः Śi.16.29; दिव्यं ददामि ते चक्षुः Bg.11.8. -3 Brilliant, splendid. -4 Charming, beautiful. -व्यः 1 A superhuman or celestial being; दिव्यानामपि कृतविस्मयां पुरस्तात् Śi.8.64. -2 Barley. -3 An epithet of Yama. -4 A fragrant resin, bdellium. -5 A philosopher. -व्यम् 1 Celestial nature, divinity. -2 The sky. -3 An ordeal (of which 1 kinds are enumerated); cf. Y.2.22,95. -4 An oath, a solemn declaration. -5 Cloves. -6 A kind of sandal. -7 A kind of water. -Comp. -अंशुः the sun. -अङ्गना, -नारी, -स्त्री a heavenly nymph, celestial damsel, an apsaras. -अदिव्य a. partly human and partly divine (as a hero, such as Arjuna). -अवदानम् Name of Buddhistic work from Nepal (written in Sanskrit). -उदकम् rainwater. -उपपादुकः a god. -ओषधिः f. a herb of great supernatural efficacy, i. e. curing snake-poison; हिमवति दिव्यौषधयः Mu.1.23. -कारिन् a. 1 taking an oath. -2 undergoing an ordeal. -क्रिया the application of an ordeal; निःसंभ्रमः स्तम्भयितुं देव दिव्यक्रियामयम् Rāj. T.4.94. -गन्धः sulphur. (-न्धा) large cardamoms. (-न्धम्) cloves. -गायनः a Gandharva. -चक्षुस् a. 1 having divine vision, heavenly-eyed; त्वया नियम्या ननु दिव्यचक्षुषा R.3.45. -2 blind. (-m.) 1 a monkey. -2 an Astrologer. -3 Arjuna. -4 one who has prophetic vision; दिव्यचक्षुर्ज्योतिषिके पार्थात्मज्ञानिनोरपि Nm. (-n.) a divine or prophetic eye, supernatural vision, the power of seeing what is invisible by the human eye. -ज्ञानम् supernatural knowledge. -दृश् m. an astrologer. -दोहदम् a present offered to a deity for the accomplishment of one's desired object. -धुनी Name of Bhāgīrathī; दिव्यधुनि मकरन्दे˚ Stotra. -पुष्पः the Karavīra tree. -प्रश्नः inquiry into celestial phenomena or future course of events, augury. -मन्त्रः Om (ओम्); Amṛit. Up.2 -मानम् measuring the time according to the days and years of the gods. -मानुषः a demi-god; दिव्यमानुषचेष्टा तु परभागे न हारिणी Ks.1.47. -रत्नम् a fabulous gem said to grant all desires of its possessor, the philosopher's stone; cf. चिन्तामणि. -रथः a celestial car moving through the air. -रसः 1 quicksilver. 2 heavenly water or love; V.2. -वस्त्र a. divinely dressed. (-स्त्रः) 1 sunshine. -2 a kind of sun-flower. -वाक्यम् a celestial word or voice. -श्रोत्रम् an ear which hears everything. -सरित् f. the celestial Ganges. -सानुः Name of one of the Viśvedevas. -सारः the Sāla tree. -स्त्री an Apsaras.

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