dhātṛ धातृ

Definition: m. Name of a divine being who personifies these functions (in Vedic times presiding over generation, matrimony, health, wealth, time and season, and associated or identified with savitṛ-, prajā-pati-, tvaṣṭṛ-, bṛhaspati-, mitra-, aryaman-, viṣṇu- etc. etc.;later chiefly the creator and maintainer of the world = brahmā- or prajā-pati- ;in Epic one of the 12 āditya-s and brother of vi-dhātṛ- and lakṣmī-, son of brahmā- ;or of bhṛgu- and khyāti- ;Fate personified )

Dictionary: Monier-Williams
Literary Sources: RV. x, AV., TS., S3Br., MBh., Ka1v., Pur., MBh., Pur., Ka1v.
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