cetana चेतन

Definition: चेतन a. (-नी f.) [चित् -ल्यु] 1 Animate, alive, living, sentient, feeling; चेतनाचेतनेषु Me.5 animate and inanimate. -2 Visible, conspicuous, distinguished. -नः 1 A sentient being, a man. -2 Soul, mind. -3 The supreme soul. -4 An animal in general. -ना 1 Sense, consciousness; चुलुकयति मदीयां चेतनां चञ्चरीकः R. G.; U.3.31; Māl.9.12; R.12.74; चेतनां प्रतिपद्यते regains one's consciousness. -2 Understanding, intelligence; पश्चिमाद्यामिनीयामात्प्रसादमिव चेतना R.17.1; ... शास्ताखानो$ल्प- चेतनः Śiva. B.29.9. -3 Life, vitality, animation; Bg.13.6. -4 Wisdom, reflection. -नम् Appearance. -2 The thinking principle, the mind; अच्युतचेतनः Bhāg.9.15.41.

Dictionary: Apte
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