caṇḍa चण्ड

Definition: चण्ड a. 1 (a) Fierce, violent, impetuous. (b) Passionate, angry, wrathful; अथैकधेनोपराधचण्डात् गुरोः कृशानुप्रतिमाद् बिभेषि R.2.49; M.3.2; see चण्डी below. -2 Hot, warm; as in चण्डांशु. -3 Active, quick. -4 Pungent, acrid. -5 Mischievous evil. -6 Circumcised. -ण्डः 1 An evil being or demon. -2 Śiva. -3 Skanda. -4 The tamarind tree. -ण्डम् 1 Heat, warmth. -2 Passion, wrath. adv. Violently, fiercely, angrily. -Comp. -अंशुः, -करः, -दीधितिः, -भानुः the sun; हेमन्त- शिशिरावाप्य चण्डांशोरिव मण्डलम् Rāj. T.4.41. -नायिका an epithet of Durgā. -मुण्डा a form of Durgā; (= चामुण्डा q. v.). -मृगः a wild animal. -विक्रम a. of impetuous valour, fierce in prowess.

Dictionary: Apte
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