bhavabhaṅga भवभङ्ग

Definition: m. annihilation of mundane existence; -bhâva, m. love of the world; -bhâvana, a. bestowing welfare: â, f. regarding anything as good fortune (--°ree;); -bhîru, a. fearing rebirth; -bhûti, f. for tunate existence; m. Name of a dramatic poet, author of the Mâlatîmâdhava, the Mahâvîra karita, and the Uttararâmakarita, who lived in the eighth century a.d.; -bhoga, m. plea sures of the world; -manyu, m. resentment against the world; -maya, a. proceeding from Siva; -mokana, a. releasing from mundane existence; -sarman, m. N.; -sa&ndot;gin, a. at tached to worldly existence; -samtati, f. continuous series of transmigrations; -sâyu- gya, n. union with Siva (after death); -sâra, m. ocean of existence.

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