bhārata भारत

Definition: a. (î) derived from the Bha rata (Ritvig) or bearing the sacrifice (?), ep. of Agni; descended from Bharata; belong ing to the Bharatas (with yuddha, n., sam grâma, m., samara, m., samiti, f. the battle of the Bharatas; w. âkhyâna, n., itihâsa, m., or kathâ, f. story of the Bharatas; w. mandala or varsha, n. Bharata's realm, India; w. vritti, f. kind of style); inhabiting India; m. de scendant of Bharata;ep. of Yudhishthira: î, f. a Vedic deity, later identified with Saras vatî, the goddess of speech; speech, voice; quail; n. the land of Bharata, India; the story of the Bharatas and of their struggle (=Ma hâbhârata, but sts. distinguished from it).

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