balavat बलवत्

Definition: a. 1. strong, powerful, mighty; vehement (desire etc.); dense (darkness); stout, weighty; prevalent, predominant; of more weight or importance than (ab.); ad. strongly, powerfully; heavily, stoutly; greatly, lustily; 2. accompanied by an army: -tara, cpv. stronger; -vargita, pp. destitute of strength, weak; -varman, m. N.; -vîrya, n. sg. strength and valour; -vritra-ghna, -vritra-nishûdana, -vritra han, m. ep. of Indra; -vyasana, n. disorder in the army; -samûha, m. assemblage of forces, army; -sena, m. Name of a warrior; -senâ, f. army; -stha, a. strong, powerful, mighty (of persons); m. (standing in the army), warrior, soldier; -han, a. defeating armies; -hantri, m. Slayer of Bala, ep. of Indra; -hara, m. (strength-depriving), N.; -hîna, pp. destitute of strength, weak: -tâ, f. weakness.

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