apohaḥ अपोहः

Definition: अपोहः 1 Removing, driving away, healing &c. -2 Removal of doubt by the excercise of the reasoning faculty. -3 Reasoning, arguing; reasoning faculty. -4 Negative reasoning (opp. ऊह) (अपरतर्कनिरासाय कृतो विपरीतस्तर्कः). one of the dhiguṇas q. v. स्वयमूहापोहासमर्थः; इमे मनुष्या दृश्यन्ते ऊहापोहविशारदाः Mb.13. 145.43. ऊहापोहमिमं सरोजनयना यावद्विधत्तेतराम् Bv.2.74; hence ऊहापोह = complete discussion of a question. -5 Excluding all things not coming under the category in point; तद्वानपोहो वा शब्दार्थः (where Maheśvara paraphrases अपोह by अतद्व्यावृत्ति i. e. तद्भिन्नत्यागः), -6 A superfluous member attached to a structure of some construction.

Dictionary: Apte
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