apabhraṃśaḥ अपभ्रंशः

Definition: अपभ्रंशः 1 Falling down or away, a fall; अत्यारूढि- र्भवति महतामप्यपभ्रंशनिष्ठा Ś.4 v. l. ending in a (precipitate) fall. -2 A corrupted word, corruption; घर is an अपभ्रंश or corruption of गृह; (hence) an incorrect word whether formed against the rules of grammar or used in a sense not strictly Sanskrit; see अपशब्द. -3 A corrupt language, one of the lowest forms of the Prākṛita dialect used by cow-herds &c. (in kāvyas); (in Śāstras) any language other than Sanskrit; आभीरादिगिरः काव्येष्वपभ्रंश इति स्मृताः । शास्त्रेषु संस्कृतादन्य- दपभ्रंशतयोदितम् ॥ Kāv.1.

Dictionary: Apte
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