anudāttatara अनुदात्ततर

Definition: quite a low tone, completely grave; generally applied to the tone of that grave or anudātta vowel which is immediately followed by an acute (उदात्त) vowel. When the three Vedic accents were sub-divided into seven tones viz. उदात्त, उदात्ततर्, अनुदात्त, अनुदात्ततर, स्वरित, स्वरितस्थोदात्त and एकश्रुति corresponding to the seven musical notes, the अनुदात्ततर was the name given to the lowest of them all. अनुदात्ततर was termed सन्नतर also; cf. उदात्तस्वरितपरस्य सन्नतरः P.I.2.40; cf. also M, Bh. on I.2.33.

Dictionary: Abhyankar
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