anuṣṭubh अनुष्टुभ्

Definition: अनुष्टुभ् f. [अनु निरन्तरम् स्तुभ्यते$नया अनुष्टुप् वाक्] 1 Following in praise; speech. -2 Sarasvatī. -3 Name of a class of metres consisting of four Pādas of 8 syllables each, the whole stanza consisting of 32 syllables (so called because it follows with its praise i. e. अनुष्टोभति the Gāyatrī, which has 3 Pādas), अनुष्टोभनादनुष्टुप्. In later metrical systems it stands as a general name for all metres which have 8 syllables in each foot (the highest possible number being computed to be 256); पञ्चमं लघु सर्वत्र सप्तमं द्विचतुर्थयोः । गुरु षष्ठं च पादानां शेषेष्वनियमो मतः ॥ which rule is sometimes violated. अनुष्टुभा सोम उक्थै- र्महस्वान् Rv.1.13.4.

Dictionary: Apte
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