andhaka अन्धक

Definition: अन्धक a. [अन्ध्-कन्] Blind; अन्धकः कुब्जकश्चैव Pt. 5.91. -कः 1 Name of an Asura, son of Kasyapa and Diti and killed by Śiva. [He is represented as a demon with 1 arms and heads, 2 eyes and feet, and called Andhaka, because he walked like a blind man, though he could see very well; स व्रजत्यन्धवद्यस्मा- दनन्धो$पि हि भारत । तमन्धको$यं नाम्नेति प्रोचुस्तत्र निवासिनः ॥ He was slain by Śiva when he attempted to carry off the Pārijāta tree from heaven; whence Śiva is called Andhakaripu, -ari, -dviṣ &c. According to the Matsya Purāṇa Andhaka was admitted to the class of Gaṇas by Śiva, at his importunities and humble supplication, when he was about to be killed by the god for having attempted to carry off his wife Pārvatī]. -2 Name of a descendant of Yadu and ancestor of Krisna and his descendants, a grandson of Krostu, son of Yudhājit who, together with his brother Vrisni is the ancestor of the celebrated family of Andhakavrisnis; P.IV. 1.114, VI.2.34. -3 Name of a sage, son of Mamatā and of Utathya, elder brother of Bṛihaspati. -Comp. -अरिः -रिपुः, -शत्रुः, -घाति, -असुहृढ् &c. slayer of Andhaka, epithets of Śiva. -वर्तः Name of a mountain. -वृष्णि m. pl. descendants of अन्धक and वृष्णि.

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