abhyutthā अभ्युत्था

Definition: ( sthā-), (imperfect tense -/udatiṣṭhat-; perf. -/ut-tasthau-) to rise for going towards (accusative) etc. ; to rise from a seat to do any one (accusative) honour etc. ; (with ātithya-karma-) idem or '(3. plural -/ut-taranti-) to cross ; (1. plural -tarema-) to cross over towards, penetrate to (accusative) ' ; to rise in rebellion ; to leave off, desist from (ablative) commentator or commentary on

Dictionary: Monier-Williams
Literary Sources: AV. xv , 8 , 5, S3Br., S3a1k., MBh. viii , 634, Ma1rkP., ChUp.
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