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yuyavitha: second person singular tense paradigm perfect class parasmaipadayu
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        Root Word (Pāṇini Dhātupāṭha:)Full Root MarkerSenseClassSutra
√yuyumiśraṇe (amiśraṇe) (ca)228
"yu" has 3 results.
        Root WordIAST MeaningMonier Williams PageClass
√युyucensuring (binding and mixing) / jugupsā423/3Cl.10
√युyujoining, mixing / miśraṇa818/1Cl.2
√युyubinding, fastening / bandhana721/1Cl.9
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yu (see yuch-) cl.3 P. yuy/oti- (imperative 2. sg. yuyodh/i- ; yuyudhi- ;2. dual number yuyotam-or yuyut/am- ;2. plural yuy/ota-or tana- ; A1. subjunctive 2. sg : yuyothās- ; A1. imperfect tense 3. plural ayuvanta- ; Aorist P. yaus-, ayauṣīt-; subjunctive yoṣati-, yoṣat- ; yūṣat- ; yūyāt-, yūyātām- ; yūyot- ; yāvīs- ; A1. yoṣṭhās- ; yavanta- ; Passive voice /ayāvi- ; infinitive mood y/otave-, tav/ai-, tos- ; -yāvam- ), to separate, keep or drive away, ward off (accusative), exclude or protect from (ablative) ; to keep aloof, to be or remain separated from (ablative) : Causal yav/ayati- or yāv/ayati-, to cause to separate or remove or keep off etc. : Intensive yoyavīti- (imperfect tense /ayoyavīt-; parasmE-pada y/oyuvat-), to retreat back, recede ; to be rent, gape asunder ; to keep off from (ablative)
yu (see yuj-) cl.2 P. () yauti- (Vedic or Veda also A1. yut/e-and cl.6. yuv/ati-, te-; according to to also cl.9. yunāti-, yunīte-; perfect tense yuyāva-,2. sg. yuyavitha- ; yuyuv/e- ; Aorist -yāviṣṭam-(?) ; ayaviṣṭa- grammar; preceding yūyāt- ; future yuvitā- ; yavitā-, yaviṣyati-, te- grammar; ind.p. yutvā- ; -yūya- ; -yutya- ), to unite, attach, harness, yoke, bind, fasten ; to draw towards one's self, take hold or gain possession of, hold fast ; to push on towards (accusative) ; to confer or bestow upon (dative case), procure ; (yauti-), to worship, honour : Passive voice yūyate- (Aorist ayāvi-) grammar : Causal yāvayati- (Aorist ayīyavat-) : Desiderative of Causal yiyāvayiṣati- : Desiderative y/uyūṣati- (), yiyaviṣati- (grammar), to wish to unite or hold fast: Intensive yoyūyate-, yoyoti-, yoyavīti- etc. (See ā--, ni-yu-). View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
yumfn. ( -) going, moving View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
yuthe actual base of the dual number and plural numbers of the 2nd Persian pronoun (See yuṣmad-). View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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yu यु I. 2 P. (यौति, युत; caus. यावयति; desid. यियविषति or युयूषति) 1 To join, unite. -2 To mix, combine. -II. 3 P. (युयोति) To detach, separate; as in युतसिद्ध. -III. 9 U. (युनाति, युनीते) 1 To bind, fasten. -2 To join, unite. -3 To mix, combine -4 Ved. To give, grant. -5 To acquire. -6 To worship, respect. -IV. 1 Ā. (यावयते) To censure. -With व्यति to mix; अन्योन्यं स्म व्यतियुतः शब्दाञ् शब्दैस्तु भीषणान् Bk.8.6.
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yu yu separate, III. yuyóti, ii. 33, 1. 3; vii. 71, 1. 2; s ao. depart from (ab.), ii. 33. 9; cs. yaváya save from, viii. 48, 5; yāváya ward off, x. 127, 62.
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yu prn. base of the 2nd pers. in yuv&asharp;m, yuvós, yûyám, yushm&asharp;n, etc.
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yu Appearing in the dual in the śatapatha Brāhmana, seems to mean ‘yoke animals.’
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yu noun (masculine) [gramm.] ārdhadhātuka affix yu (LyuṬ) [gramm.] the verb yu
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