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pīlumatī(pīl/u--) f. (with dyaus-) the central or middle region of the sky (between udan-vatī- and pra-dyu-) = View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
vasumf(u-or -)n. of a particular class of gods (whose number is usually eight, and whose chief is indra-, later agni- and viṣṇu-;they form one of the nine gaṇa-s or classes enumerated under gaṇa-devatā- q.v;the eight vasu-s were originally personifications, like other Vedic deities, of natural phenomena, and are usually mentioned with the other gaṇa-s common in the veda-, viz. the eleven rudra-s and the twelve āditya-s, constituting with them and with dyau-s,"Heaven", and pṛthivī-,"Earth"[or, according to some, with indra- and prajā-pati-, or, according to others, with the two aśvin-s], the thirty-three gods to which reference is frequently made;the names of the vasu-s, according to the viṣṇu-purāṇa-, are, 1. āpa- [connected with ap-,"water"];2. dhruva-,"the Pole-star";3. soma-,"the Moon";4. dhava- or dhara-;5. anila-,"Wind";6. anala- or pāvaka-,"Fire";7. pratyūṣa-,"the Dawn";8. prabhāsa-,"Light";but their names are variously given; ahan-,"Day", being sometimes substituted for 1;in their relationship to Fire and Light they appear to belong to Vedic rather than Puranic mythology) etc. View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.

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