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vipāśā: feminine nominative singular stem: vipāśa
vipāśā: feminine instrumentative singular stem: vipāś
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vipāśāf. the vipāśā- or Beas river (one of the 5 rivers of the Panjab, said to be so called as having destroyed the cord with which vasiṣṭha- had tried to hang himself through grief for his son slain by viśvāmitra-;it rises in the Kullu range of the himālaya-, and after a course of 290 miles joins the Sutlej at the southern boundary of Kapurthala;it is considered identical with the of Arrian, the Hyphasis of Pliny, and of Ptolemy) View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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vipāśām at the Vipāśā RiverSB 10.79.11-15
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vipāśā noun (feminine) the Vipāśā or Beas river (one of the 5 rivers of the Panjāb) (Monier-Williams, Sir M. (1988))

Frequency rank 9472/72933
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vipāśā, vipāṭ, vyāsanadī   

uttarabhārate vartamānā ekā nadī।

vipāśā himālayāt prabhavati arabasāgaraṃ ca gacchati।

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