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udayanam: neuter nominative singular stem: udayana
udayanam: neuter accusative singular stem: udayana
udayanam: masculine accusative singular stem: udayana
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udayanam उदयनम् 1 Rising, ascending, going up; सूर्यस्योदयना- दधि Rv.1.48.7. -2 Result, consequence. -3 End, conclusion. -नः 1 N. of Agastya. -2 N. of the king Vatsa; प्राप्यावन्तीनुदयनकथाकोविदग्रामवृद्धान् Me.3. [A celebrated Prince of the lunar race, who is usually styled Vatsarāja. He reigned at Kauśambī. Vāsavadattā, Princess of Ujjayinī, saw him in a dream and fell in love with him. He was decoyed to that city and there kept in prison by Chaṇḍamahāsena, the king. But on being released by the minister, he carried off Vāsava-dattā from her father and a rival suitor. Udayana is the hero of the play called Ratnāvalī and his life has been made the subject of several other minor compositions. See Vatsa also]. -Comp. -आचार्यः N. of a philosopher and author of several works.

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