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tarumfn. "quick"or substantive "speediness", (plural) (see ) . View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
tarum. (gaRa vyāghrādi-[not in ] see nabhas--) a tree etc. View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
tarum. Name of a son of manu- cākṣuṣa- View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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taru तरु a. [तॄ-उन् Uṇ.1.7] Protecting. -रुः 1 A tree; नवसंरोहणशिथिलस्तरुरिव सुकरः समुद्धर्तुम् M.1.8. -2 Ved. Velocity. -3 A wooden ladle for taking up Soma. -Comp. -कूणिः a kind of bird. -कोटरम् the hollow of a tree. -खण्डः, -ण्डम्, -षण्डः, -ण्डम् an assemblage or clump of trees. -जीवनम् the root of a tree. -तलम् the ground about the foot of a tree, foot of a tree तू(धू)लिका A bat, flying fox (because it suspends itself from branches). -नखः a thorn. -मण्डपः a bower; अस्तीह प्रमदोद्याने तरु- मण्डपमध्यगः । दृष्टप्रभावो वरदो देवदेवो विनायकः ॥ Ks.2.55. -मृगः a monkey. -राग 1 a bud or blossom. -2 a young shoot, sprout. -राजः the Tāla tree. -राजन् m. 'the king of trees', N. of the tree Pārijātaka; also -˚वरः, -रुहा a parasitical plant. -वल्ली a creeper; Ks.53.59. -विला- सिनी the Navamallikā creeper. -शीयिन् m. a bird. -सारः camphor.
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taru a. swift.
taru m. tree (later than Manu): -kot ara, n. hollow of a tree; -khanda, m. n. group of trees, clump; -gahana, n. forest thicket; -kkhâyâ, f. shade of a tree.
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taru The usual term for ‘tree’ in classical Sanskrit, never occurs in Vedic literature, except perhaps in one passage of the Rigveda, where Sāyana finds it, and where it can be so translated. But the form (tarubhih) is probably to be inter­preted otherwise.
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taru of the treesSB 10.29.21-22
taru the treeCC Adi 17.28
taru young plantsSB 4.21.3
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taru noun (masculine) a tree (Monier-Williams, Sir M. (1988))
name of a son of Manu Cākṣuṣa (Monier-Williams, Sir M. (1988))

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