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takṣan: masculine nominative singular stem: takṣat.
takṣan: masculine vocative singular stem: takṣan
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takṣanm. (Ved. accusative kṣaṇam-,class. kṣaṇam- ) a wood-cutter, carpenter, etc. View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
takṣanm. Name of a teacher View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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takṣan तक्षन् m. [तक्ष्-कनिन्] 1 A carpenter, wood-cutter (whether by caste or profession); तक्षा रिष्टं रुतं भिषग् Rv.9.112.1; तक्षाणः पलगण्डाश्च ... Śiva. B.31.18; अताक्षा तक्षा K. P. 'one not a तक्षन् by caste is called तक्षन् when he acts like or follows the profession of a तक्षन् (carpenter); Śi.12.25. -2 N. of the architect of the gods.
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takṣan m. wood-cutter; carpenter.
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takṣan ‘Carpenter/ is mentioned in the Rigveda and often later. He was employed to do all sorts of work in wood, such as the making of chariots (Ratha) and wagons (Anas). Carved work of a finer type seems also to have fallen to his lot. The axe is mentioned as one of his tools, and perhaps the Bhurij, a word which is, however, uncertain in sense. In one passage of the Rigveda6 reference seems to be made to the pains of the carpenter in bending over his work. That the carpenters were a low caste, or formed a separate class of the people, is certainly not true of Vedic times.
takṣan Is mentioned in the Satapatha Brāhmana as a teacher whose view of a certain formula was not accepted by Jīvala Cailaki.
takṣan See Brbu.
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takṣan dhenuṃ sabardughām RV.1.20.3c.
takṣan nāsatyābhyām RV.1.20.3a.
takṣan pitṛbhyām ṛbhavo yuvad vayaḥ RV.1.111.1c.
takṣan rathaṃ suvṛtaṃ vidmanāpasaḥ RV.1.111.1a; AB.4.32.5; KB.20.4; 22.2. P: takṣan ratham Aś.5.18.5; śś.8.3.14.
takṣan vatsāya mātaraṃ sacābhuvam RV.1.111.1d.
takṣan harī indravāhā vṛṣaṇvasū RV.1.111.1b; AB.4.32.5; KB.20.4; 22.2.
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takṣan noun (masculine) a wood-cutter (Monier-Williams, Sir M. (1988))
carpenter (Monier-Williams, Sir M. (1988))
name of a teacher (Monier-Williams, Sir M. (1988))

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