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syandiṣyate: third person singular tense paradigm future class ātmanepadasyand
syandiṣyate: neuter dative singular future participle (has pade) stem: syandiṣyat.
syandiṣyate: masculine dative singular future participle (has pade) stem: syandiṣyat.
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"syand" has 1 results.
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√स्यन्द्syandoozing, trickling, dropping, distilling / prasravaṇa700/2Cl.1
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syand (or syad-;often confounded with spand-) cl.1 A1. () sy/andate- (Epic and mc. also ti-; perfect tense siṣy/anda-, siṣyad/uḥ- ; sasyande-, dire- grammar; Aorist 2. 3. sg. -asyān- ; asyandiṣṭa-, asyantta-, asyadat- grammar; future syanttā-, syanditā- ; syantsy/ati- ; syandiṣyate-, syantsyate- grammar; infinitive mood sy/ade- ; sy/anttum- ; ind.p. syanttv/ā-, syattv/ā-, -syadya- ; syanditvā- grammar), to move or flow on rapidly, flow, stream, run, drive (in a carriage), rush, hasten, speed etc. ; to discharge liquid, trickle, ooze, drip, sprinkle, pour forth (accusative) etc. ; to issue from (ablative) : Causal syandayati- (Aorist /asiṣyadat-;Ved. infinitive mood syandayādhyai-), to stream, flow, run etc. ; to cause to flow or run : Desiderative sisyandiṣate-, sisyantsate-, sisyantsati- grammar : Intensive See acchā-syand-, under 3. accha-, and next. View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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syand स्यन्द् 1 Ā. (स्यन्दते, सस्यन्दे, अस्यदत्-अस्यन्त्त-अस्यन्दिष्ट, स्यन्त्स्यति-ते, स्यन्दिष्यते, स्यन्दितुं-स्यन्त्तुम्, स्यन्नः; desid. सिस्य- न्दिषते, सिस्यन्त्सति-ते; the स् of स्यन्द् is changed to ष् after a preposition ending in इ or उ) 1 To ooze, trickle, drop, drip, distil, flow; अयि दलदरविन्द स्यन्दमानं मरन्दं तव किमपि लिहन्तो मञ्जु गुञ्जन्तु भृङ्गाः Bv.1.5; Mu.3.7. -2 To shed, pour forth; स्यन्देते हि दिवा रुक्मं रात्रौ च द्विजसत्तम Mb.14.57.25. -3 To run, flee. -4 Appear, occur; स्यन्दन्ति चाप्यनिष्टानि गात्रं सीदति चाप्युत Mb.7.72.4.
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syand syand flow, I. Ā. syándate, v. 83, 8.
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syand noun (masculine) [gramm.] the root syand
Frequency rank 71977/72933
syand verb (class 1 ātmanepada) to flow to run
Frequency rank 9090/72933

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