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stigh cl.5 P. stighnoti- (according to to A1. stighnute-; Potential stighnuyāt- infinitive mood -st/igham-; grammar also perfect tense tiṣṭige-; Aorist asteghiṣṭa-; future steghitā-, ghiṣyate-; infinitive mood steghitum-), to step, stride, step up, mount (especially in ati-stigh-,"to step over, overstep", and in pra-stigh-,"to step up, rise up etc.") : Desiderative tiṣṭighiṣati- (in ati-tiṣṭ/ighiṣan-,"wishing to ascend") [ confer, compare Greek ; Slavonic or Slavonian stignati; Gothic steigan; German sti7gan,steigen; English sty.] View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.

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