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sarayu: feminine vocative singular stem: sarayu
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sārivaḥ1.10.35MasculineSingularbelonging of river sarayu
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sarayum. air, wind View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
sarayuf. Name of a well-known river (commonly called Surjoo;on which stood the ancient city ayodhyā-[ see ];it is a tributary of the Gogra [see gharghara-],and in is mentioned along with the rivers sarasvatī-, sindhu-, gaṅgā-, yamunā-, and śutudrī-).
prasarayutamfn. possessing extension, extensive (as a forest) View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
sahasranāmasarayuf. Name of work View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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sarayu सरयुः Air, wind. -युः, -यूः f. N. of a river on which stands Ayodhyā, or Oudh; तीर्थे तोयव्यतिकरभवे जह्नुकन्या- सरय्वोः R.8.95;13.61,63;14.3.
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sarayu f. [swift flower: √ sri] N. of a river (in Oudh), in C. gnly. û.
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sarayu Is mentioned thrice in the Rigveda as the name of a river. Citraratha and Arṇa are said to have been defeated apparently by the Turvaśas and Yadus who crossed the vol. Sarayu.1 Sarayu appears in one passage with Sarasvatī and Sindhu,2 and in another with Rasā, Anitabhā, and Kubhā.3 Later, in the post-Vediç period, Sarayū, rarely Sarayu, is the name of a river in Oudh, the modern Sarjū.4 Zimmer5 regards this as the river meant in all the Vedic passages, seeing in the last,3 which may be used as an argument for locating the Sarayu in the Panjab, a reference to the north-east monsoon as well as to the usual monsoon from the west. Hopkins0 thinks that the Sarayu is to be found in the west, and Ludwig7 identifies it with the Kurum (Krumu). Vivien de St. Martin considered it to be probably identical with the united course of the śutudrī (Sutlej) and Vipāś (Beas).
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river near Ayodhya; lower part of Ghaghara river that flows from Himalayas.

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